Episode 6

Daniel whistled a sci-fi tune and swished bacon grease around the edge of his frying pan. He owned a frying pan, as it turned out. So he was moving up from toast. Bacon posed a more intricate challenge so far. Daniel felt he had barely scratched the surface.

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Episode 5

The Northeast Sacramento outlet of Designer Pals was a high-ranking establishment. Daniel had been one of thousands of patrons who left with a pet in tow. But like all establishments, it wasn’t free from its own little quibbles. In mid-summer, in particular, cries of despair could be heard through the drop ceiling. That was when the surrogate mother for Deluxe Fun Bunnies gave birth to new litters.

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Episode 3

As far as Velvet could tell, there wasn’t a single petrol station between Arizona and Oregon. The truck would only hold out for as long as the gas did. Hopefully that would be long enough to reach Sacramento. According to the news ticker in a Fresno convenience store, the city had rain scheduled for the next three days. Water was being distilled over from the Pacific to feed almond farms.

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